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No, 006

Aizawa Fisheries

Tadashi Aizawa


Have them eat after knowing.

Beyond that, individuality

There are people.

One of the leading seaweed producing areas in the prefecture

Omagarihama in Higashimatsushima City is known as a beach where you can get high-quality seaweed in the prefecture, which has been donating seaweed to the imperial family for six consecutive years, including the year of the 2011 earthquake. This is the place where you are. In Miyagi prefecture, seaweed fishermen in the prefecture dedicate seaweed to Shiogama Shrine every January, and two of them, the most outstanding seaweed, are presented to the imperial family. This year was the 73rd competition, so the history is old. By the way, I have been honored twice in the past and have presented the seaweed made to the imperial family.

What we do with you at such a beach is to see the production site, including us who are producers, such as seeing a modern seaweed making factory, and then actually experience old-fashioned seaweed making. .. Nori is familiar, but I think it's something I don't know, so I think it's fun to study.


Eat after knowing, there are people ahead

First of all, I want you to experience what you know. Not limited to seaweed, I think you can feel this in various situations, but I think there are many new things to know. On top of that, if it's food, I want you to try it. Eat after knowing. Beyond that start is the individuality of being a producer. There are also fishermen who want this kind of person to eat, and the joy of discovering it is ridiculous.

There are 12 seaweed fishermen here in Omagari beach alone, and the number of fishermen is more than 50. There are four major seaweed producing areas in the city, so there are even more seaweed fishermen. In that sense, this time we will be interacting with us, but I would like you to interact with various people as well.


It ’s nice to be lively

As I said earlier, there are four beaches here, and each one has a strong personality and is fun. Even in such a small town, I like that kind of guts that are second to none and lively. I can't lose. Therefore, we can grow together, and Higashimatsushima City may be evaluated as a production area in the prefecture.

Also, this is a town that suffered a major disaster called the Great East Japan Earthquake. From the perspective of us, who are in a disaster-stricken town and have a natural life, we hope that the experience and knowledge will be good for your land, that is, for Japan in the future.


Aizawa Fisheries


14-2 Omagari Numajiri, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture

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One of the best seaweed producing areas in the prefecture, Yamoto, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture. I'm Tadashi Aizawa, the third generation seaweed fisherman. Born in this area famous as the "Imperial Dedication Beach", all fishermen are shaving their arms and honing their skills. While looking at the face of the seaweed, I now think of the face of the eater, and grow strong, strong and energetic seaweed. The number of important friends who sympathize with the "carefully selected" seaweed and the commitment to making seaweed has increased. I'm really happy that many people are pleased.

I started seaweed at the age of 18, and I have had many challenges, failures and experiences, but I am proud to be a seaweed fisherman.



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