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When I was a kid, I saw my mother's parents' house in Yamoto Town (currently Higashi Matsushima City).

It was a blue impulse that flew freely in the sky.

I can't forget what I saw, heard, and felt at that time 40 years ago.

Just purely, I keep chasing my favorite Blue Impulse,

Now I've been doing it until I shoot the closest.


At that time, in the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011,

Higashi Matsushima City, which I attended when I was little, was also severely damaged.

Since the earthquake, I have come to have various feelings.

Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

What I want to convey as an aerial photographer. What you can do.

This 20 cuts to be announced this time

All works taken before March 2011.

Some of the works include the scenery of Higashi Matsushima City before the disaster.


You can feel the dynamic feeling of Blue Impulse and the four seasons of Japan.

You can get excited just by looking at it, or you can think about the scenery in the background.

It doesn't matter how you feel.

This will be the first exhibition and sales of confident works, but

As an aerial photographer who loves Blue Impulse and Yamoto

 We hope that you will fully enjoy the Blue Impulse before 2011.

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