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No, 009

Aerial photographer

Eisuke Kurosawa


There is a sense of unity with the city
Impressive sky,
As you feel, in your eyes and mind.

When I realized it, I became an aerial photographer

In order to let many people know about the existence of the Air Self-Defense Force, a specialized team "Blue" that shows off a splendid acrobatic flight (this is called an exhibition flight) at the Air Self-Defense Force's air festival and major national events. The activity base of "Impulse" is here in Higashi Matsushima City, where the Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima Air Base is located. With the arrival ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many of you may have seen the flight over Tokyo with a yell for medical professionals.

Taking advantage of the experience of taking Blue Impulse since childhood and taking a few ride-on shots in Japan, I will explain to everyone the techniques of Blue Impulse and pilots, and actually take pictures together. We will tell you the charm of this city through Blue Impulse, such as taking pictures.


Impression that cannot be experienced anywhere else

The Matsushima Air Base, which is the home base of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's acrobatics team " Blue Impulse," is located in the Yamoto area of Higashi Matsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture. It is also called the Sanctuary of Blue Impulse by fans all over the country, and training flights are carried out over the city on a daily basis, and it is such a luxurious city where you can see the Blue Impulse throughout the year. is. It is also loved by the locals as a wing for recovery from the earthquake, and the Blue Impulse looking up in the sky of hope is a touch that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

When you experience it together, it would be great if you could see it while feeling the moving sky with a sense of unity with the city, and record it in your heart and as a video.

A wonderful city, my favorite city

My mother's parents' house is in Omagarihama, Yamoto, and since I was a kid I went from my home in Sendai to see my favorite Blue Impulse. The scenery of the city changed completely after the earthquake, but the scenery I saw as a child is still in my heart, and the memories of each place are revived. The fact that those memories are still revived means that it is a really wonderful city.

Please experience Yamoto, Higashimatsushima City, where this emotional feeling has not changed since you were a child, and Yamoto, Higashimatsushima City, where the sky of this emotional spread spreads as you feel. The sea and mountains are abundant here, but the sky is also abundant.


Aerial photographer

Eisuke Kurosawa

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I've loved airplanes since I was a child, and my encounter with T-2 Blue was the catalyst for my full-scale pursuit. Started working as a freelance photographer in the aviation world in 1999. Currently in charge of photography of "Blue Impulse Guidebook" (published by Kawasaki Gifu Service) and Blue Impulse official pamphlet. He also produces aviation magazines and aviation calendars.

Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1970.



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