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Otomo Fisheries

Yasuhiro Otomo


Line up at the supermarket every day
Various kinds of fish.
I want you to know the meaning.

The fisherman's job is surprisingly modest

I am the third generation from my grandfather's generation, but I grew up near the sea and have been working in the sea, which I have been following my fathers since I was little. Our main fishing is set net fishing, and we set a net in anticipation of a place where fish are likely to enter in the designated place and wait for the fish to come in. It is fishing. Mainly sardines in summer and salmon in autumn are used for this fishing, and in the summer, longline fishing is used for sea bass, and from winter to spring, gillnet fishing is used for gillnet fishing. I think it's a hunting race, so I try to catch the fish in that season in the best possible condition.

By the way, it is difficult to take you to such fishing, so I will ask you to repair and maintain the nets used for these fishing, that is, the fishing gear. You may think that a fisherman drinks alcohol after catching a fish, but most of the work is done on land like this, and the actual time to catch a fish is about an hour and a half. thing. Let's work together, knowing that.


The fun of aiming and realizing is the best

As I said earlier, our work is surprisingly sober and monotonous. It's a lot of fun when there are fish in it or when there are unexpected fish in it. For such satisfaction, it is important to prepare in advance. I think that the awesome fun you aim for will last longer than the awesome fun that happens to happen. At first glance, it would be nice if you could see the back side of us, who tend to think that we are working vigorously, and feel the importance of preparation and setup there. On top of that, I hope that you will get to know the reality that there are times when you can catch it and times when you cannot catch it, and the meaning of the fish that are lined up in supermarkets every day.

I like the sea

I simply like the ocean. I go to the sea for work and surf and fish as a hobby. I go surfing when fishing is off, and go fishing when the market is off. I like the sea and creatures. To be honest, the sea conditions haven't been very good for the last few years and I haven't been able to catch the fish I wanted. That's what makes it different from aquaculture, but that doesn't mean it's better. But lately, I take children to fishing together to learn about nature, and I'm addicted to tuna fishing because I don't have any fish to aim for. I brought back the tuna I caught and ate it for a week, but it was delicious.


Otomo Fisheries Co., Ltd.


75 Shinden, Hamaichi, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture

Otomo Fisheries, which operates set net fishing in Hamaichi, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture. A family of fishermen who have continued for three generations, they have been particular about set net fishing. Even here in Ishinomaki Bay, which is also called the world's three major fishing grounds, the reputation of Otomo Fisheries fish is high in both quality and quantity.
After the earthquake, Otomo Fisheries was the first to put a net in the sea in this area, and in Higashimatsushima City, where aquaculture is flourishing, it is a professional fish professional who continues to catch a single fish.



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