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This time, we have you consider selling your application of aerial photographer Eisuke Kurosawa Exhibition "before 2011", Thank you very much.

The 20 works exhibited and released this time, 40 items in 2 sizes will be sold only at this exhibition, so please check the following notes and consider before applying. ..



Half size


V-groove mat: W415mmxH300mm

Photo size: A3N

¥ 50,000 (tax included)


Prince size

W288mm x H379mm

V-groove mat: W190mm x H255mm
Photo size: A4

¥ 30,000 (tax included)


All works will be signed by the artist.


Wooden frame details


[When purchasing]

All sizes are limited to 20 items, so we accept applications by the following means when purchasing.

・ Apply at the exhibition hall

・ Apply from the dedicated form on this site

* Please note that there are deadlines for the first and second bullets.

[When applying]

If there are duplicate applications for one work, the purchaser will be selected by lottery by the artist, so please forgive me. Is the time of your application Please confirm in the notes form.

[Payment and shipping]

We will inform the applicants that the purchaser will be decided again after the 1st and 2nd session.
We will process the payment within the specified period using the payment method specified by us (various credit cards / bank transfer), and then carry out the shipping procedure on the specified date of your choice.

[Cancellation / Return]

We do not accept cancellations or returns unless the product is defective.



Aerial photographer

Eisuke Kurosawa

Eisuke Kurosawa

I've loved airplanes since I was a child, and my encounter with the T-2 Blue was the catalyst for my full-scale pursuit. Started working as a freelance photographer in the aviation world in 1999. Currently in charge of photography of "Blue Impulse Guidebook" (published by Kawasaki Gifu Service) and Blue Impulse official pamphlet. He also produces aviation magazines and aviation calendars.

Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1970.

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