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Oku Matsushima Experience Network

Fumiyoshi Ono


Enjoy the excitement of eating.
The freshness of the freshly picked
It's exceptional.

If cities and regions get closer through our lives

Our group, which started in 2002, is a complex industry that combines the rich fishing and tourism of Oku Matsushima with traditional culture represented by "Enzu no Wari" and is a part of our lives. By experiencing fishing and playing together, I would like to strive to increase the exchange population between cities and regions.

Above all, the fishing experience that utilizes the sea surrounding Miyato Island, where we live, has a high tourism element and makes you feel like a fisherman. We set up a special fishing gear called basket fishing in the sea and raise it one by one, but we are looking forward to seeing what is in it. It may not be included at all, but it is also a providence of nature. If you can catch it, you will be happy, and if you cannot catch it, you will regret it. It's an experience including that.


I like being quiet

I was born on this island and have seen the scenery for a long time, so I haven't noticed it, but it's nice to be quiet here. Most of the things were washed away by the earthquake, but it's still a quiet place, and I like that kind of toco.

Of course I want everyone to come and visit us.

Also, I personally like summer and winter. I'm not good at the season when I use the air conditioner. I don't know because it's artificial, but maybe it's because I grew up that way for a long time. That's why I like spring and autumn, which feel good wherever I am.

I want you to feel the creatures

Various people have come so far, but first of all, I would like you to enjoy the scenery of Tsukihama. The scenery unique to Miyato Island, which is rich in nature, such as beautifully shaped beaches and seasonal changes, is the first.

In addition, in the fishing experience, the creatures that have been in the sea until now will appear in front of you without notice, so I think that you can enjoy seeing the creatures themselves. We also have creatures that we don't know the name of, so we're having fun together.

Of course, as with the scenery, what you can catch changes depending on the season, so I think that you can really look back on the ingredients you eat on a daily basis just by actually touching them, such as sea urchins and octopuses in summer and crabs and sleepers in winter. I will.



Fureai Experience Land

Oku Matsushima Experience Network


Miyato, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture

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Based in the Tsukihama area of Miyatojima, the largest island in Matsushima Bay, which is located in the open sea of Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. We are doing hands-on sightseeing.
You can also hear about the situation at the time of the earthquake by interacting with local fishermen who survived the earthquake and lived with the sea.
Experiences are held from 2 or more people, and the price varies for each experience, so please feel free to contact us.


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