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Akasaka Farm

Yoshinori Akasaka


Through this cotton
Each one is familiar
If it can be an opportunity to review it.

Domestic cotton is actually very valuable

Here at Akasaka Farm, we offer various farming experiences throughout the year so that you can enjoy it whenever you come. That's what you can do on the soil, from flowers to crops.

Among them, I am proud of the cotton work. Cotton is a raw material for cotton that Japanese people are familiar with, but domestic cotton is almost 0% in domestic distribution, so it is very familiar but actually very valuable. The reason for this was the connection with the project of cultivating cotton on farmland where rice cultivation became difficult due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, supplying it to domestic apparel makers to create new businesses, and creating a stable agricultural industry and employment. Now, with a planted area of 5,000 m2, this is one of the largest cultivated areas in Japan.

Therefore, here you can actually see and touch the growing sites of raw materials that are familiar to you, and even experience thread pongee, which makes it a valuable place in Japan.


Spin the thread together and make it thicker

As I said earlier, I hope that you will be able to see and feel various things in the cotton fields, which are rare in Japan. In the first place, more than 80 companies are co-sponsoring this cotton project, and it is also a place where relationships with them have been built up for nearly 10 years. It's like connecting people with each other with a thread made of cotton, and I hope more people will knit this thread together and make it thicker.

Due to the low profitability, which is one of the reasons why production is not expanding in Japan, we are considering reducing the scale in the future, but of course we will continue to do so. It is one of the highlights of Akasaka Farm, and nearly 100 local children, sowing seeds in spring, and harvesting in autumn are still coming. I'm sure that this thread continues to be connected because it is an opportunity for everyone to participate and review familiar things through Akasaka Farm.


It's nice to have the sea

After all it is good that there is a sea. My house is in Misato, next door, but the sea is nice. Of course, seafood.

As is the case here, one of my favorite things is that I can share what I like. Actually, at Akasaka Farm, we rent out farms and hold events in collaboration with various groups, which is why sowing and harvesting cotton is a big event.

As a result, this is a community space, a place where people meet. I like to prepare various efforts and contents so that it will continue to be so, and wait for everyone to come.


Agricultural production corporation
East Farm Miyagi / Akasaka Farm


Oshio Terasawa, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture

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Our farm started as a ranch by cultivating forests in the latter half of the Showa 30's.
In 2011, a large amount of earth and sand was needed for the quick restoration of the coastal area affected by the great earthquake that struck eastern Japan. Was reborn as.

Wishing for the earliest possible recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, we decided to create new jobs in the disaster area, and decided that what crops would grow robustly in the fields affected by the tsunami salt damage, and cotton cultivation began. I did. With the support of volunteers and other companies, the Tohoku Cotton Project was launched, and with this as a trigger, producers who wanted to start lavender gardens, herb gardens, allium ochotense, etc. gathered and the current shape of the farm was completed. It was.
In the future, we will promote further environmental and facility development as a tourist farm, promote agriculture and experiential learning, cooperate with welfare projects, etc., as a new tourist area connecting Matsushima and Ishimaki in cooperation with related organizations, only inside and outside the prefecture We will also carry out activities such as attracting tourists from overseas.



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