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Ignal Farm

Takenori Sato


Enjoy the excitement of eating.
The freshness of the freshly picked
It's exceptional.


We are waiting for you with all your might

We would like to ask everyone who came to harvest strawberries in our vast house of 1ha (hectare / 10,000㎡), 100,000 shares, but before that, "smiling berries, Tochiotome, Yotsuboshi"・ Since we are cultivating four types of strawberries, "Mouiko", we will teach you the basic knowledge such as the characteristics of each type and how to distinguish delicious strawberries before starting the harvesting work. You may be overwhelmed by the size of the house before the harvest. Also, I want everyone to advertise how to eat strawberries as an advertising tower, so it will be an experience time to exhaust strawberries, such as making sweets together.


Freshness is important for fruits, so let's know and eat

First of all, you can do the harvesting work, but I would like you to know the freshness and freshness of the strawberries, which makes them delicious. You may be conscious of freshness in seafood and vegetables, but freshness is also important for fruits. You can only experience the taste that you will know this time.

On top of that, how do strawberries grow in the house? Even if it is grown in a greenhouse, I would like you to know that we are supplying it to everyone in a stable manner by devising and making efforts to create the best growing environment for strawberries. I think that you may be able to re-recognize the role of the bees, who are also our employees in the house, just because you saw and heard them.

Eat, work, dumb

Is it the sea and the sky?
Anyway, I like it because it's wide. I may be tired from work, but I really like the spacious and open scenery, and I want to be vague. If you can see the wide and comfortable sky and the sea while you are working without worrying about it, it would be nice if you could just leave it alone.

Of course, there are both sea and mountain foods here, and there are many delicious foods. Eat, work, and vacant.

I like that kind of place.


Ignal Farm


392 Kawamae3, Akai, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture

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It is an agricultural corporation established in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.
"Ignal" is a dialect meaning "get better". Agriculture, the region, everything related to our company aims to be "ignal". Let food, people, region, and environment all be "ignal"!
GAP stands for GOOD, AGRICULTURAL, and PRACTICLES. GLOBALG.AP certification is a mechanism to certify production activities according to international standards that certify it. Ignal Farm is GLOBAL G.AP certified. A global brand that practices "sustainable production activities" with consideration for food safety, working environment, and environmental protection. Through GLOBALG.AP, we practice safe and sustainable agriculture, contribute to the region, and ensure reliability, transparency, and assurance by ensuring traceability.



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