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No, 001

Koman Tsurukyo KDDI Evolva

Kentaro Mizoe


By interacting with our staff
Each one is sure
There should be something to feel.

Let's do the work that changes according to the season

I would like to invite all of you to see the details of the reconstruction project utilizing the former housing site that was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and became unusable as a residence, and the activities of the staff with disabilities working here. I am.

The content of the farming work varies depending on the season, but since it is also the harvest season for sweet potatoes around October, we will have you dig the potatoes together and serve the same kind of baked sweet potatoes that you harvested as a reward. So I hope you enjoy it together.
In addition, we work on 6 types of baby leaf at the greenhouse throughout the year.
By the way, this baby leaf is grown completely pesticide-free, so I am doing farm work while learning about such efforts.


I'm sure there is something to feel

We believe that our mission is to connect what the locals have cherished, and with the slogan of "valuing smiles," many local people with disabilities and active seniors I am hiring. For that reason, many of the staff who work together in farming have disabilities, but at first glance they have a handicap, but if we all work together, we can do various things. I hope you can get it. Their lively facial expressions and activities should make you think that the site of the earthquake has become a place where various people can play an active role.

There must be something that each person will surely feel through interaction with members who have been making efforts and taking on challenges that are not handicapped on a daily basis.

We hope that you will enjoy such connections through the crops that we cultivate with confidence.

Excellent oysters, I like all the scenery

I'm originally from Fukuoka prefecture, and it's been four years since I came to Higashimatsushima, but it's from the sea in both rabbits and corners. Especially oysters are outstandingly delicious. Can't you eat it anywhere else? I mean.

And I feel that I am often outside because I am involved in farm work on a daily basis, but I love the wide sky. Isn't it hard to see it in other places? I like the morning sun rising from the east, the setting sun setting to the west, the blue sky in summer, and the clear cold sky in winter.

The government is also an SDGs future city, and I feel that we are working to create a city that is smooth and comfortable to live in, so there are many good points.



Fortunately Tsuru no Sato KDDI Evolva Nobiru


8-6 Nishiyokei, Nobiru, Higashimatsushima City 15 minutes walk from JR "Nobiru Station"

Our names are part of the Naruse No. 2 Junior High School song "Happy Mitsuru" and part of the Nobori Elementary School song "Sato" and "Nobori", which were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. I am quoting.
Nobiru is a place of hope as a tourism resource for Higashimatsushima City. Our new business in the wilderness is also to connect what the locals have cherished so far. For that reason, the name of the business establishment uses a passage from the school songs of both schools, and it is a business that is only possible with the help of everyone, and we promise to value cooperation with the local people. I also put in my feelings. "Sachi Mitsuru Sato" has the feeling that everyone can share happiness, which is full of happiness.

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